Refrigerant Gases - R12,R22,R502,R134A,R404; Anhydrous Ammonia-Ammonia has a low boiling point and is favored because it is a highly energy efficient refrigerant which also has minimal environmental impact. Refrigeration applications include Thermal storage systems, process cooling, food processing, supermarkets

We import ammonia in bulk and repack locally.




Acetylene-Chemigas supplies a range of acetylene cylinder sizes for oxy-fuel welding, cutting, heat treatment and flame processes

Argon-We have specialist argon grades for use in industrial applications and food. The supply options for argon include compressed and liquid.

Being totally inert it is used in heat treatment, inserting and purging, metal refining and semi-conductor applications. It has a much higher density than air making it effective for welding and cutting. Relative to most gases , Argon has a very low thermal conductivity making it useful in insulation in double glazed windows.

In essence argon uses include steel and iron industries (to obtain precise specification of products), Non-ferrous metals(to minimize chromium oxidation), Metal heat treatment(to protect reactive metals from oxidation),Glass, General fabrication

Argon/CO2 mixtures - The preferred shielding gas for vehicle body building and other sheet metal work.

Other Argon mixtures

Carbon Dioxide - Chemigas can supply carbon dioxide as compressed gas cylinders and bulk carbon dioxide. As a useful expendable refrigerant CO2 is used for applications such as food chilling and food freezing. Being highly soluble in water and oils at moderate temperatures, its useful in beverage dispensing and packaging. Also used to enhance oil recovery.
Co2 inertness leads to its use in fire suppression and welding.

Chlorine-For sterilization in water treatment facilities and swimming pools.

Ethylene Oxide - For sterilization of equipment sensitive to heat.

Helium - We have high purity helium for spectroscopy

Balloon Gas - We have this helium grade for filling airships/ balloon

Hydrogen - Supplied as compressed.

Chemicals – to hydrogenate non-edible oils for soap, creams, plastic and other chemical processes and for the production of bulk, intermediates and specialty chemicals.

Pharmaceutical – to produce pharma intermediates.
Electronics – to enhance heat transfer, used as ultra high purity (UHP) for controlled atmospheres in semiconductor manufacturing to increase productivity and protect against impurities.

Energy – to enhance heat transfer for cooling high speed turbine power generators and nuclear reactors and as a fuel for the growing fuel cell energy generation market.

Iron and Steel and Non-ferrous metals – for quenching and as a protective atmosphere for heat treatment at very high temperature such as in stainless steel manufacturing, also to support plasma welding and cutting.

Glass – used with nitrogen to prevent oxidation of molten tin in the float glass lines and improve glass quality.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG)

LPG products include: propane and butane. The supply options include
Compressed LPG – as a fuel gas for welding, cutting, and flame processes in a range of cylinder sizes.
Bulk LPG– for large volume users.

LPG has a high calorific value making it useful for
Heating appliances – used because of its ease of combustion, portability and clean burning characteristics
Cooking – preferred to electricity.
Oxy-Fuel applications – LPG performs well in large-scale oxy-fuel burner applications.
LPG’s clean burning characteristics make it a good gas for Transport fuel .

Other Special grades of LPG

Nitrogen - supplied as compressed nitrogen.

Nitrous Oxide - Supplied as compressed gas for medical and analytical purposes

Oxygen(industrial and medical) - It is supplied as compressed oxygen gas cylinders. Essential in combustion, cutting, welding, coating, laser.


• Ultra -pure acetylene - Supplied in compressed gas cylinders
• Ultra-pure Argon - Supplied in compressed gas cylinders
• Ultra-pure Hydrogen - Supplied in compressed gas cylinders
• Ultra –pure Helium - Supplied in compressed gas cylinders


• Mig wires
• Stick electrodes
• Cored wires
• Stainless steel wires and feeler rods



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